• Tum Hi Ho Guitar Instrumental By Bali (Guitar Faculty)


Beginners Course

This course is specially designed for beginner student who have no knowledge or vey less knowledge of guitar

Intermediate Level

This course is designed for the middle level players to guide them to the proper path in the world of guitar.

Advanced Level

This course aims at helping and transforming our students to become a pro in guitar world..

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Bali has established himself as one of the most versatile session guitar players and guitar tutor in the Mumbai circuit. He began his study of Music and Guitar in VES college under the guidance of guitar pedagogue Mr Peterson for two years, where he focused primarily on rhythm guitar techniques used in rock and flamenco genres. In the final year he won the first prize for guitar instrumentals at SIES (visions2004), NM (Umang 2004), Bhavans and VES (Talentia 2005). After that he was recommended by Mr Peterson to take advanced lead guitar lessons from Mr. Jayanti Gosher. know more about him.....

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