About Bali Guitar Academy

Bali Guitar Academy

Are your fingers dying to strum a familiar song of your favourite artist, but you dont know how ?

Founded in 2007, Bali Guitar Academy offers comprehensive Guitar education program for beginners, intermediate and advanced level in Bandra, Powai & Chembur. We, at Bali Guitar Academy, completely focus only on guitar training and simplify the learning process altogether. Along with the learning process, we encourage and train students for various competitions, Live Performances, composing original music. We also conduct guitar workshops and jam sessions to make you an accomplished Guitarist/Musician.

Bali’s Profile

Hi, my name is Bali and I run Bali Guitar academy group lessons tailored to fit your level and style.
I have been teaching guitar professionally for over a decade, and I believe that learning guitar is not just about finding someone to help you improve as a musician; it’s about establishing a relationship that will make you grow as a person and music lover.

My Academy is among the top 3 guitar Insitutes in Mumbai. I have successfully taught 12 more than 1200 students for all backgrounds and many have them are established guitars players /Songwriters in the music industry. Plenty of them have cleared the final grade 8 level of rock n pop trinity exams. Kindly request you to check my Facebook page which has tons of videos, pics by my students..

I have an extensive background in Blues, Rock,bollywood,fingerstyle,flamenco &jazz & I’m ready to work with you with whicheever style or genre of music you wish to learn. I also help students & provide them a platform for Tv shows, Live Concerts, competitions whenever there is a opportunity. I also help them in Creating youtube channels, recording their own music making them an accomplished musician.